Landlord Services

Our aim as your agent is to provide you with a high-quality service tailored to meet the requirements of both you as the Landlord and your Tenant. Our experience is gained from letting our own properties and we therefore fully appreciate the need for a good relationship with the Tenant whilst retaining a professional perspective on their Tenancy. The three levels of Management that we offer are outlined below together with their respective costs.

Scheme A – Finding a tenant

This level of service includes:

1) Free property listing on our website and in the store window
2) Finding and referencing a prospective Tenant
3) Preparation of the Tenancy Agreement in your/our name.
4) Collecting the Security Deposit on the signing of Tenancy Agreement by the tenant.
5) Collecting the first months rent on or before commencement date of Tenancy
6) The Tenant will then pay any subsequent rent direct to the Landlord and our services cease

Please note that we are available without charge throughout the tenancy for advice

FEE: One off payment of £240

Scheme B – Letting and demand

This level of service includes:

1) ‘Finding a Tenant’ as outlined above
2) Collection of rent into our account
3) Forwarding rent to you less fees/expenses within 7 days of receipt.
4) Free Rental Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance Policy for the first six months of the Tenancy subject to conditions

FEES: Management fee equivalent to 8% of gross rent charged monthly / weekly

Scheme C – Letting and management service

This level of service includes:

1) “Letting and Rent Demand” service as outlined above
2) Quarterly inspections of property and report to you on the result.
3) Becoming a point of contact for tenants to report any matters relevant to the Tenancy agreement.
4) Arranging for general repairs and maintenance to be carried out up to the credit balance in the Maintenance Fund.
5) Where there is no such credit balance in the Maintenance Fund, informing you of any works required prior to commencement unless the works are of an urgent nature i.e. likely to cause further damage if not dealt with immediately.

FEES: Management fee equivalent to 10% of gross rent charged monthly / weekly

To apply for any scheme please click here to complete our landlord application form.

Website Advertising Service

Simply2Let can now offer a landlord advertising service where, for a monthly fee, we can advertise your property on our website and forward any enquiries on to you.

Tenant Services

Tenant application

Tenants enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in case of emergency. Tenants will be given professional impartial advice on their responsibilities and rights as tenants.

FEES: Reference fee of £50 per applicant, payable only when the landlord has ‘agreed in principal’ to let the property to the applicant(s).
Admin Fee: £50 payable on the signing of the Contract.

Letting Man